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Earth Tray Wave
  • Year: 2014
  • Client: Roltex

Roltex produces and sells trays and unbreakable glasses for professional markets such as in hotels, health care institutions and caterers.

For the professional market we started to develop a sustainable tray in 2012. The design and development took place on both a material and a production level. By means of only one mold Roltex can now produce 4 different trays.

The Wave is made from renewable sustainable materials. No wonder it was proudly presented during the exhibition “Flanders, state of the art” during the Paris Design Week. In addition, the Wave was selected as the hospitality tray for the World Expo2015Milano.

Pictured Wave03
Pictured Wave01
lightwood hollowgrip02
Earth tray lightwood
Wave Milano
Pictured Wave02