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  • Year: 2017 – 2018
  • Client: Kipling
The Hybrid Solution is a partly soft, partly hard yet collapsible luggage system equipped with 4 spinner wheels.

Whereas traveling often forces you to carry around a bulky luggage companion, your stay asks for less spacious equipment.
Together with Kipling we explored the possibility to combine the best of both worlds: soft flexible fabrics to let you stow away your luggage when not in use, while a hard part protects your belongings when you wander around.
This playful clever use of soft and hard not only reduces storage space at home or in a hotel but also reduces footprint space in retail. Hence more SKU’s can be displayed in a luggage store.
Carry on as well as checked luggage versions were developed in close cooperation with the Kipling Design Team.

Their knowledge of cultural immersion through travel, and the work we put into learning from prototyping and building the first working series of collapsible luggage resulted in the Kipling Hybrid luggage range.
The subtleness and simplicity of the design with respect for the Kipling brand connects retailers and travelers even more as a friend to the company.

Intermediate design study 02
3Dcad verification of the system -02
Breadboarding the mechanics 04
material investigation
verification of the use case
Intermediate design study 05
Breadboarding the full setup 01
Breadboarding the mechanics 06
Intermediate design study 03
verification of the use case 02
Breadboarding the full setup 02
First out of tool
Intermediate design study 06
Hardshell study-02
Breadboarding the mechanics 01
Breadboarding the mechanics 03
verification of the use case 04
Breadboarding the mechanics 05
Hardshell study-01
Cardboard breadboarding