Product visual plain white
Product visual plain black
Visual back
Dramatic front view
Dramatic top view
Cardboard proto
3Dcad development handle
Explorative sketchwork
Explorative sketchwork
Final handle
Setup 3Dprinted handle
Prototyping in wood
Prototyping in wood
Product visual
Final product
Foam mockups handle
Userinterface design


The Cosmetra IVPL pro takes care of lasting hair removal, tattoo removal, skin rejuvenation, spider nevi, rosacea and acne. By means of ultra high energetic light pulses, the skin is treated.
The IVPL Pro vascular (variably intense pulsed light) was developed in close cooperation with specialists and many professional end users with years of experience in conducting VPL IPL treatments. Development and production took place in the Benelux.
Smidesign teamed up with end-users, suppliers and the client to develop a low cost, low volume but good looking housing, communicating cosmetic feelings and trustworthy high quality skin treatment.



  • CLIENT: Unitron
  • YEAR: 2011