Product setup: Gel Lance and Gel applicator.
Breadboarding to ameliorate the usecase.
Breadboarding to setup ergonomics.
Prototyping to setup ergonomics.
Intermediate workshop meeting
Fitting the parts.
Design iterations with functional prototyping.
Prototyping retail packaging.
Gellance grip detail.
Gellance essentials exploded view.
Evergreen gellance setup.
First out of tool detail.

Gel Lance

Smidesign was asked to optimize the way we deal with weeds in our garden and eliminate collateral damage when using herbicides. Hence a few years ago our client developed a gelstick for spot treatment.
Gardening is fantastic for your general health and well-being but weeding is really causing ones back to suffer.
The Roundup gel lance is an extendable lance which means no more bending while spot treating your weeds.
The lance gets a big thumbs up because the lance incorporates an ingenious system to set the length according to your own needs.
The easy grip handle drives the connected gel stick to spot treat the gel on to weeds effortlessly.
We developed the gel lance from scratch to mass production in close collaboration with our production partner.

  • CLIENT: Evergreengardencare
  • YEAR: 2017-2018