Opening the door
Opened door for cleaning
Setup top part
Exploded view
Evaluating 'falling behavior' of pineapple
Evaluation 'falling behavior' of pineapple
Product visual
Product visual
Use case
Functional product graphics


Pine-O-Matic is a smart self-serve pineapple-cutting machine for retail clients.

The original Pine-O-Matic got redesigned. We prototyped the usecase by means of foam mockups and technology demonstrators. Subsequently the existing mechanics were simplyfied and electronics updated. In close collaboration with Burg Equipment the machine was engineered and prototyped during several design iterations.
Inside the patented machine, the pineapple is stripped of its plume, bottom, core and shell, compacted as waste. The partitioned pineapple discs are deposited in the bucket.
All internal parts are dishwasher safe and the useflow for maintenance is ameliorated.
Fruit flies are kept out by putting the technical space in slight ‘over-pressure’.
The stainless steel chassis accomodates all mechanics and electronics. At the final step in assembly, Burg Equipment can apply any vacuum panel for any retailer to brand the machine.



  • YEAR: 2014