Kitchen setting.
Designed by "Golden Ratio".
Backview detailing for On/Off button.
Prototyping the electronic breadboards.
Inhouse prototyping and breadboarding.
Papertyping during design iterations.
Thermo dynamics: investigating heatleaks.
Breadboarding electronics.
Breadboarding the thermo dynamics.
Exploring textures and colors.
Section view.
Exploded view.
Burgundy Bi-color scheme.
Product Launch and crowdfunding event.

QelviQ smart wine cooler

In the recent years we have been co-working on a pretty exciting device to help drinking wine at the perfect temperature. We integrated the Internet Of Things into the wine industry: The QelviQ smart wine cooler.
Data collection, algorithms, outstanding electronics and thermo electric development are harnessed in world’s most silent smart wine cooler.
The downloaded app (created by Aptus) determines the perfect drinking temperature of your wine, based on the picture you take from the label on the bottle. Electronics (developed by Fynman) manage the cooling equipment within the cooler. Thermodynamics (developed by Cool&Energy Consult) have been optimized for different sizes of bottles and different use cases of cooling.

Smidesign focused on the design and mechanics of this beautiful IoT product. We knitted together all the different disciplines to make the setup work. Many prototypes were made, many things were learned during extensive testing, ameliorated and prototyped again. But credit where credit is due: It was the multidisciplinary team that saw this development through.
Summer 2018 the QelviQ Smart Wine Cooler was successfully launched at its own crowdfunding event.
Smidesign is now taking care of high volume production for this game changer, to be able to hit shops fall 2019.

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  • CLIENT: QelviQ
  • YEAR: 2019