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HemCol TestTube
  • Year: 2020
  • Client: Labonovum

PostYourLab (www.postyourlab.nl) is a new form of quick blood draw unlike phlebotomy by a doctor as we know it. At home, consumers prick their own finger with a lancet to obtain a small quantity of capillary blood for testing. An integrated scraper collects only a few drops of blood and guides this into a small recipient with a patented soaking solution.
The tube can be send by regular or medical mail (depending on ambient temperature) to a certified lab.

After lab results are communicated, used tubes with bloodsamples will always be treated as medical waste.
The fluidum with the drops of blood, however, will never use the full contents of the tube. So another exiting part of the development became the reduction of this clinical waste.

In co-creation with Orange Plastics (injection molder) we developed a smaller volume for the soaking solution and the collected drops of blood.

A snap on/off carrier allows the assembly to fit current pick&place machines and other lab equipment. As the carrier will not be treated as clinical waste, it will be grinded and reused together with virgin material to mold new carriers.
A big sustainable advantage in medical test tubes.

HemCol TestTube
Hem-col-Injection molded
PostYourLab by Labonovum