Backview Roadway
Backview-Crome Wheel
Building first production model
Chassis development
The Final Look
Detailing inside, genuine leather wall
Evening beach view closed hatch
Front view
In the woods
Kitchen detail with PITT Cooking System
Kitchen detail
Proof of concept
Proof of concept
Proof of concept
On the road
Screenshot development
First day out with the Lume Traveler
Interior details with felt, leather and aluminium
Fender and rivet detailing
View from out of bed
The big one on the road!
The big one in development: 5,40 meters of length!
Spacious interior, based on sustainable materials.
Positioned at Piet Hein Eek's Pavillion (DDW2018)
Drawing attention at Dutch Design Week 2018

Lume Traveler

We co-developed a revolutionary way of camping where freedom, safety, comfort and nature are combined. This concept has been designed from scratch and will hit markets by fall 2018. The Lume Traveler is a well isolated trailer with a self supporting sandwich construction consisting of connecting aluminium panels held together with rivets. Because of the unblended materials and the simplicity the Lume Traveler has a unique, sturdy and pure appearance. The high quality trailer is complemented with comfortable sleeping, if desired under the open sky, and professional cooking in the fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

Furthermore this sustainable trailer carries a European quality label from the Rijksdienst Wegverkeer and is therefore next to the comfortable, outdoor and unbound also safe to operate throughout the continent.

  • CLIENT: Lume Traveler B.V.
  • YEAR: 2017 - 2018